Finally Diet Success Made Easy: Green Coffee Extract

There are hundreds of weight loss supplements on the market today, from mere appetite suppressants to fat burners to ones that claim to have multiple effects on your weight like green coffee bean extract. But choosing one that will actually work is another story. Nicotinamide Riboside is something that helps your overall health.

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Slow metabolism is a common problem among those who have trouble losing weight. This is especially true in women. Plus, you have to realize that as you get older your body’s metabolism naturally begins to slow down. That means more of what you eat ends up being stored as fat instead of being burned off as energy. This leads to those stubborn problem areas that are really hard to tone up, as well as watching more numbers continue to be added when you step on the scale.

We all know that eating right and getting plenty of exercise is the best and healthiest way of losing weight. But sometimes it seems like it just doesn’t cut it. That’s when a natural supplement like green coffee extract can become helpful. They claim that it can inhibit your body’s ability to create fat and that it helps you lose weight even if you don’t exercise. But lots of people are skeptical, which is understandable. So let’s look at what we do know for sure about this supplement.

Where does it come from? How “Natural” is it – Really?

This diet pill is completely natural, assuming you buy a quality product from a reputable seller. It’s made from green coffee beans. That is, coffee beans that have never been introduced to the roasting process. Once beans go through a high temperature roasting process, they lose the important compound that causes the weight loss: chlorogenic acid (GCE).

Researchers say that it’s this acid that gives the supplement its magical, effortless weight loss properties. Apparently, chlorogenic acid reduces the amount of glucose that your body can absorb after eating, which hinders your body’s ability to create more fat. It’s also been indicated that it can affect adipokines levels, which are hormones that affect how your body uses energy and distributes fat.

The Research

There have been a few studies on green coffee extract that gained massive attention. The first was one, with a mere 16 participants, showed an average of 18 pounds lost. While the study was small, it clearly showed how effective it can be for losing weight without any effort. These participants didn’t change their eating habits and didn’t do any additional exercise outside of what they may have already been doing. Chemist Joe Vinson already has more, larger studies being planned to further test and document the effects of green coffee extract on weight and health.

Not long after that study was publicized, Dr. Oz did a study with a team of his own medical professionals. This one included 100 overweight women who then appeared as the studio audience to find out the results on live TV. Over the two weeks that they were monitored, those who took the extract lost twice as much weight as those who were given a placebo. So does it work? We think so. Will garcinia cambogia work better? Possibly.